To celebrate their 50th anniversary Superstar shoe, Adidas and WSS teamed up with Genius Ventures Inc to create an in-store Augmented Reality Snapchat activation.

This in-store activation with Snapchat code was highly successful, so successful, that they moved on to a second phase to include a coupon-code for a free hat upon making their purchase in-store.

Benefits of Augmented Reality marketing include:
– Valuable data using AI technology
– Increased brand awareness
– Unique way to engage with your consumers
– Limitless possibilities
– And so much more!

Sounds cool, right?

Try it out now at

How to use:
Open the Snapchat filter (link in bio).
Tap on floor or any surface to activate.
You can use your fingers to make it bigger or smaller.
Tap on floor again to relaunch.

Have you considered Augmented Reality as part of your marketing strategy?

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