The Virtual Reality HR Conference
In partnership with Genius Ventures Inc, BentoHR, Microsoft, and powered by Altspace in Virtual Reality, on July 28 & 29, the world’s first-ever Global HR Summit will showcase immersive workplace (XR) technologies that enable digital transformation and make workplaces more human-centric. The alliance between these innovative, forward thinking organizations has laid the foundation for what is expected to be “THE HR conference of 2020 “

The opening keynote will be delivered by Tom Furness, “The Grandfather of VR”, with proceeds from ticket sales going to his charitable organization; Virtual World Society – which aims to use immersive technology to drive positive change. The Global HR Summit takes place on July 28 & 29, 2020 and is presented in both 2D(YouTube live-stream) and 3D (virtual reality) formats. The event will also be recorded in its entirety and available for future viewing. The Global HR Summit invites its visitors to immerse themselves in future workplace (XR) technologies that inspire and real change, with a list of event discussion topics that include:

● Digital Transformation: The Path to Human-Centricity
● Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Reimagined
● XR Deployed: What HR Organizations Are Doing Today
● Working Parents: Our New Normal
● XR Technologies in Recruitment, Performance & Learning

To ensure an unparalleled experience, the event offers a number of different formats:
● Keynote Addresses
● Panel Discussions
● Workshops / Demonstrations
● Podcast Activations
● Networking Sessions

Tickets are limited with only 1000 tickets available in VR and 10,000 2D/Live-streaming tickets.
Tickets for the event will be available at two rates:
● $49 donation for 2D YouTube live-stream experience
● $99 donation for an Altspace Virtual Reality 3D
Get your tickets here:

Sponsorship opportunities are available in the form of branded workshops and networking rooms. For additional information, please contact For companies looking for a unique way to engage with their audience, there are a limited amount of Networking and Virtual Workshops available. For more information about networking rooms and virtual workshops, please contact

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Presented by BentoHR, Genius Ventures, and powered by Microsoft’s AltSpace, the GlobalHR Summit showcases immersive workplace (XR) technologies that enable digital transformation and make workplaces more human-centric.

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