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date image icon November 10, 2020

6 Ways AR Is Transforming E-Commerce In a Post Covid World

Covid 19 has left far-reaching impacts on all industries of the world. It has transformed the shopping experience of the people and made it digital. Reports on Retail Index have shown that Covid has digitalized the shopping with speed, which would have taken five years without Covid 19.

Augmented Reality is now an essential aspect of shopping in eCommerce. Customers can try before purchasing an item, thus making buying decisions easy. AR eCommerce has saved the day during the Covid 19 pandemic and made all the shopping easy while maintaining social distancing. The following are some ways out of many by which AR has transformed eCommerce in a post covid world.

1.Using AR tool to virtually try on jewelry

Kendra Scott, a jewelry brand, has introduced an AR tool to enable the customers to virtually try different earrings on them and choose the best fit. No app is required for it. Just an iPhone and Safari web browser is required to preview.

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2.Higher conversion rate of the products using the AR eCommerce strategy

Now, the majority of people are shopping online. But as we all know, online shopping is never as accurate as offline shopping. It carries the risk of selecting the wrong item. AR has performed its role very well during the pandemic. People can virtually try on various products and can have a detailed preview of them. According to Shopify’s data, products having AR content have a 94% higher conversion rate than products without AR.

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3.Virtual try-on beauty tools

Augmented Reality is among the leading technologies that customers want to use to help them in shopping. AR is providing solutions to customer problems during the pandemic. Social distancing has limited the activities of the people, including daily shopping.

GLAMlab virtual try on – the beauty tool of Ulta – is being used vastly by online customers. Due to Covid, people are reluctant to try physical makeup products on their skin. So using this tool, customers can select the right shade of makeup product.

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4.Virtual storefronts

AR eCommerce has made the digital shopping experience possible using virtual storefronts. A retailer named Kohl has collaborated with Snapchat and created an AR Virtual Closet. People can go inside the virtual dressing room and select the best-fit items. All they need is a smartphone and a Snapchat app. People are using this technology even after covid to try on items on them in their homes’ comfort.

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5. Personal bank account in AR

Mastercard announced the new AR eCommerce app in 2020, which will make it possible to have a personal bank account in Augmented Reality. You can track your payments, savings, and spendings.

AR-Shopping Mastercard augmented reality genius ventures

6. Online co-watching video app

Levi is a brand that has implemented AR technology using digital tools like Squad. It is a co-watching video app that allows friends to shop together. This app is a great help to feel the same social gathering experience, which is lacking during the pandemic.

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Bottom line

AR has made progress speedily during the pandemic. It has dramatically helped the customers during covid to make online shopping effective. Brands must adopt this technology to make progress in the current era.

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